The way you will be treated during and AFTER the sale.  You are
just as important to us after the sale as before the sale- which is
why we have been able to grow our business with only word of
mouth advertising, since 2006!
Your calls will always be answered (or if we are on the line and
miss you, returned) by an Owner.  
Text me 24/7, Alicia 580-821-0947, if you need tech help, call or
text Slade 580-799-3740
Rolling Retreats caters to customers wanting custom luxury units
for a good price & good after the sale service.
You will never be rushed into an order or purchase- this is a big
decision and a lot of money.  We will spend all the time you want
talking to you about your order & tell you everything we know to
guide you to the perfect custom ordered RV!
We have installed service pads for your comfort while at Rolling
Retreats getting work done.  We have a 2 bay service shop for big
jobs.  Contact Slade:
We will give you a fair price every time & honest numbers so you
truly know what you are getting for your trade.
You are important to us.  We care about YOU and not just making
another sale.  We have made so many life long friends & truly
know how Blessed we are to do what we do.  Most of our
customers pick up their unit and spend time here at Rolling
Retreats camping right here on the property.   We will not rush
you- take as long as you like to make sure your new coach is in
perfect working order.  We are so Blessed and have really enjoyed
getting to spend time with "our people" as I fondly call them.  You
will become part of our own personal DRV family.  We have 6 acres
here & plenty of room so you will feel as you are at a nice park.  
Conveniently located right off I-40.  
Unlike our competitors, we only sell DRV & have extensive
knowledge of all years of DRV- all years since 2003!
Rolling Retreats
Rolling Retreats
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